Made in Belfast

I was in Belfast this weekend visiting family and friends. I had a really lovely time and went to see the amazing Andy Warhol exhibition at the MAC (which I highly recommend). Being in Belfast means I don’t cook for myself an awful lot so I often eat out. This has been difficult since being diagnosed but there’s a few restaurants I’ve found are more than accommodating.

On Saturday, to get out of the cold, my boyfriend and I went to Made In Belfast on Talbot Street in the Cathedral Quarter. About five years ago when the first Made in Belfast opened near the City Hall, I adored it but more recently I found that the food had went down hill so I was slightly apprehensive about trying the newest addition. Made in Belfast were known for their Belfast Bap burgers and crusty loaves so I was worried there’d be very little I could eat but I was in for a surprise.

When I asked about a GF option the waitress was extremely helpful in explaining every dish that contained gluten and that all sandwiches were available with GF Bread! I was ecstatic as soon as I realised I could sink my teeth in to a lovely steak sandwich. The sandwich came with two toasted bits of GF bread,  GF onion rings (I’m not a massive fan of onion rings but for those who are this is good news), Beef fat cooked chips, which are some of the best chips I’ve ever tasted, a thin steak, rocket and peppercorn sauce.


(Such a treat)

The price was very reasonable too. Overall the bill was £24 for two main meals and two coffees. Believe me, with the portion sizes in Made in Belfast, a starter and dessert are not an option.

As for those who need not worry about allergies, my boyfriend got a delicious slow cooked breast of lamb with leek and cauliflower gratin, redcurrant jus and delicious new potatoes. I’m a massive fan of lamb and when I tasted the meat I was very regretful not to have gotten that dish but its rare to find restaurants that fully cater to my needs so I was more than satisfied with a GF steak sandwich.


(the lamb was cooked to perfection)

I would definitely recommend Made In Belfast for all those ceoliacs out there. The quirky interior alone is worth checking out, even if its just to pop in for a coffee (their coffee was lovely too).

I’ll be popping in as often as possible any time I’m in Belfast for a visit


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