Delicious Gluten Free Fifteens

A trip home always reminds me of the food stuffs I can’t get here in Glasgow. My trip over at the weekend made me realise that the Irish are big fans of their gluten. Belfast baps, potato bread and Tayto cheese and onion crisps are just some of the treats I can no longer indulge in.

Although, it wasn’t until I visited Knotts Bakery in Holywood that I remembered another treat I had forgotten about. Fifteens! I was very excited to see they had GF Fifteens on sale but for £1.60 a pop, they weren’t a bargain.

For those who don’t know what a fifteen is. Its a tray bake consisting of 15 digestive biscuits, 15 glazed cherries and 15 marshmallows all mixed together with condensed milk, wrapped into a roll with cling film and left in the fridge to cool. Although I’ve seen Fifteens on sale in Scotland I’m not sure they’re called Fifteens. I’ve tried to describe them to friends but I’ve just received blank stares. Does anyone know what they’re called outside of Ireland?

Its usually a pretty cheap tray bake to make but the price of gluten free digestives will account for the price of Knott’s Fifteens. When I got back to Glasgow I made it my mission to make GF Fifteens that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

As you know, the price range of GF foods vary in most shops and I knew Sainsbury’s did GF digestives but remembered them being rather expensive. I took my chance with Morrisons and low and behold I found GF Shortbread priced at 75p for 9. Traditionally, digestives are used but using the shortbread worked out just as effective.

Here’s my finished product, looking fantastic and tasting just like a non GF Fifteen


To make these delicious treats, you will need:

15 GF Digestives (or shortbread)

15 marshmallows (pink and white)

15 glazed cherries

150g of condensed milk

2 large table spoons of desiccated coconut

Begin by putting your biscuits into a sandwich bag and whacking with a rolling pin (this was great to let out some final year Uni stress). Whilst you don’t want to whack the biscuits until they turn to powder, make sure you have broken down all the chunks. Take your marshmallows and cut them into four and then cut the cherries in half. Mix in a bowl with the condensed milk and put on to a large piece of cling film. Wrap the mixture up in to a cylindrical shape and pop in the fridge.

Try to leave the Fifteens in the fridge for an hour or more. I left these ones in for three hours and they were perfect. Once they’ve chilled, take them out and cut in to 15 pieces. Dust the coconut over each Fifteen and serve.

These are so easy to make and are perfect for children’s birthday parties or for big kids like myself. Its so good to make something Gluten Free and not be completely out of pocket.


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