Something for the weekend

This weekend I decided to take a well deserved break from Uni work to test GF pizza’s on behalf of all those ceoliacs out there. It’s a hard task but someone has to do it, eh?

My mission began on Friday night with a Domino’s GF Hawaiian pizza. Throughout my years as a student, Domino’s has featured heavily, whether it be a quiet night in on a Tuesday (two for one), the free slices given out at Fresher’s Fair or just a general hangover cure, so learning about the new GF bases was music to my ears.

Sadly, the pizza’s are only available in a small and although you can get the small GF pizza on Two for Tuesday deal with any other pizza, it seems unfair to me. Also, you can’t take full advantage of offers because none of the sides are GF. Despite these draw backs I was excited to try it.

When it arrived, it looked meagre compared to my boyfriends large Pepperoni Passion (which is why no photos were taken) but trying not to judge a book by its cover I delved in.

The result: Awful

The pizza base was thick (not a fan of thick crust), bland and had that cardboard like texture which I’ve come to associate with bad GF products. I was very disappointed and didn’t even finish the small pizza.

I know working with GF flour can take a lot of getting use to but I advise all ceoliacs there to save yourself money and avoid Domino’s GF pizza.

Day 2 of my mission lead me to one of my favourite bistros in Glasgow, Firebird on Argyle Street. This was one of the first places my boyfriend and I went when we started going out and we instantly fell in love with the casual laid back atmosphere and the Hendricks Sorbet they had on the menu. This was long before I was diagnosed but as far as a GF menu goes, this place is incredible.

The GF pizza is one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had, even compared to non GF pizza. These are proper homemade, wood oven pizza’s, with an excellent selection of toppings ranging from Blue Monday cheese to a baked egg and a perfect thin, crispy crust.


(baked ham, mozzarella, spinach and tomato pizza)

The pizza’s are very reasonable in price, a simple mozzarella and tomato topped pizza starts at £9 and the toppings are either 75p or £1. I had a pizza to myself because I was feeling greedy but they’re a substantial enough size to share.

The place has a special student night on a Wednesday, offering pizza and a pint for only £7. If the thought of a ‘pint’ makes you recoil in horror,  never fear, because Firebird also do GF Beer. I’ve never been a massive beer drinker so I wasn’t tempted to try it but perhaps I’ll grab a pint next time I’m over. You can also get your pizza to takeaway, so you don’t have to suffer terrible take away on a Friday night curled up on the sofa with a movie.

In my four years living in Glasgow, I think Firebird has been one of my best discoveries and a must for all you Glasgow ceoliacs.


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