Quick and Comforting Lentil Soup


Sorry to moan about the weather but it has been freezing in Glasgow recently. We’ve seen sporadic snow showers, stormy rain and beautiful (but freezing) sunny days. When its cold outside I love nothing better than a big, comforting casserole or stew but spending my days in the library often means I don’t have time to cook something that takes hours in the oven. However, a bowl of lentil soup usually does the trick when my tummy’s rumbling and I’m short on time.

You will need:

Two medium sized parsnips, grated

Roughly 200g of red lentils (I like my soup very thick so add the lentils to your preference or you can thin in down with more stock or water)

1 clove of garlic

1 litre of Bouillon GF Stock

1 parmesan rind

a splash of milk (or cream to make it extra rich)

a handful of fresh parsley

Grate your garlic and parsnip and gently fry in a pot with some butter and olive oil. Once the garlic is cooked and the parsnips softened add your lentils and stock (I actually find the Bouillon stock quite salty, I found Anthony Worrall Thompson GF stock cubes in Sainsbury’s and liked these better but I’ve recently ran out).

Pop the parmesan rind in before turning the hob up to allow the soup to boil for ten minutes.Take the rind out before it melts away and then leave to simmer for around twenty minutes. The parmesan rind is obviously optional. I know parmesan can be expensive but it really is worth the money (a block never lasts me that long because I tend to eat a lot of risotto and pasta), using the rind in soups adds amazing flavour and parsnip and parmesan really compliment each other.

Chop your parsley and once your lentils are done, add milk/cream and the parsley. Get your trusty hand blender to blend the soup in to a smooth consistency.

Sainsbury’s sells two GF part baked rolls for 79p. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were. I often buy them if I’ve a notion for garlic bread (recipe coming soon) and one was perfect to have with my soup.

This recipe is so cheap and simple. You can change the ingredients to suit your taste, perhaps having spiced carrot and coriander instead of parsnip and parmesan. A perfect recipe for when its just too cold to go outside.

Dom x


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