Mexican or Mexican’t?


Boojum, Ireland’s first Burrito Bar, has developed in to a Belfast institution. I’m an avid fan and although they have a range of items on the menu, traditionally I always went for a chicken Burrito.  I haven’t been to Boojum since being diagnosed, due to living in Glasgow and because seeing people tuck in to their  delicious burritos is like rubbing salt on the wound. Sadly Boojum don’t provide the option of GF tortilla wraps (I’m considering petitioning for them to start) but they have plenty of options for us ceoliacs to indulge in some Mexican delight.

Yesterday I opted for a salad which consisted of crisp romaine lettuce, sautéed onion and peppers, tender pieces of chicken, some corn salsa, cheese, sour cream and a good amount of freshly made guacamole. As you guys know, I’m not a fan of super hot food but Boojum is brilliant for catering to all preferences, the salsa I got was the mildest (there’s a mild tomato salsa too but I’m also allergic to red fruit so that’s not an option for me) but they have hot salsa roja and for those who want their head blown off, plenty of hot sauces on the tables.

Believe me this is not some light salad, whilst its all healthy apart from maybe the sour cream and cheese, this is a feast and you will be nursing a food baby once you’re finished. If you’re after something else, you can get a Burrito bowl, which is basically the contents of a Burrito without the tortilla. Boojum’s hard shell corn taco’s are also GF, you can pick a filling of your choice and add lettuce, salsa, sour cream and cheese.

I have a habit of always getting chicken but they have a range of fillings, shredded beef, shredded pork, chilli con carne, steak or the sautéed veg for vegetarians. You can also add extras such as jalapeños and guacamole or get a plate of nacho’s along side your main.

Since Boojum opened on Botanic Avenue in Belfast there’s been a number of Burrito bars opening up around the city but none of them compare to this joints amazing food. The place is so popular there’ll be queues outside at lunch and dinner and the most recent addition on Chichester Street is just as busy

If you’ve not tried Boojum I ask, why the hell not? Give it a go, try one of their cocktails too and maybe we can convince them to add the option of GF Tortillas so all us ceoliacs can indulge in what they do best.

Have you tried any other Burrito Bars across the UK, what are their GF options like?

Dom x


3 thoughts on “Mexican or Mexican’t?

  1. Hi Dom,

    GUAPO – Fresh Mexican is a place in Derry Northern Ireland that has a great menu for ceoliacs.

    Have you tried them?

    • Hello

      I haven’t but I will definitely take a trip up sometime to check it out. I’ve a few friends up in Derry who keep pinning after Boojum so I’ll be sure to let them know.

      Thanks for the suggestions Nav!

      • Everyone raves about Boojum and I must admit I like it too but people should be open to try new Mexican places.

        Now Guapo seems to be a lot more authentic in terms of meats so you should definitely get a trip down.

        It is on the Strand Road and they have a Facebook page.

        Let me know how you get on!!!

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