Kiss Kiss Molly’s Lips

God knows how, but I actually managed to graduate University with a 2.1 Honours in Politics! Looks like the ten hour library sessions and brain food paid off! To celebrate my results my boyfriend took me to one of our favourite restaurants in Belfast (I have now officially moved back home so I’m afraid there’ll be no more Glasgow reviews for the foreseeable future), Molly’s Yard. Now by no means is this within a student budget but I thought I’d do a special Gluten Free review for those ceoliacs out their deliberating where to go for their Graduation dinner.

Molly’s Yard, located on Botanic Avenue, in a lovely little courtyard hidden from the main street, serves amazing locally sourced food. I first went to Molly’s back in September when I was diagnosed and the staff and chefs were so accommodating with my dietary requirements, especially as I wasn’t sure exactly what I could eat at that early stage. My visit last week was no different and the staff went out of their way to ask the chefs if they could change some of the dishes for me to make them Gluten Free.

For starter I had a goats cheese mousse with a beetroot reduction. It was originally meant to come with celeriac crisps but instead I had roasted nuts.

mollys yard pixlr starter

I can’t vouch for the celeriac crisps but I definitely think I got the better deal with this gluten free version. The main I choose, duo of lamb with ratatouille dressing and a sweet potato fondant, was gluten free to begin with.

mollys yard pixlr main

As usual, Molly’s Yard lived up to my expectations. The lamb was cooked beautifully, with one cut  char grilled and left medium rare and the other cut was so tender it was melting in my mouth. My boyfriend and I were pretty greedy and got a side each not knowing that the portions would be substantial enough. We ordered the green beans which had also been char grilled and really complimented the ratatouille dressing and some chips. I forgot to ask if they were gluten free so I avoided just to be safe but I’ll be sure to find out next time because they looked delicious!

We ordered off the ‘Dinner Menu’ but they had a pre-theatre menu available too that was really reasonably priced. Outside the restaurant there was a board advertising Graduation Dinner but I’m not sure what the menu will be, whether it will be set or your pick of any dish. I’ve become so used to restaurants listing their gluten free dishes on the menu and whilst I greatly appreciate this I was extremely grateful that the chefs and the staff went out of their way to accommodate my allergies

Whether you come here for your graduation dinner or just fancy trying somewhere new, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by Molly’s Yard.

Dom x

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