I’m wide awake, it’s morning

im wide awake its morning

When I was first diagnosed I found it difficult to know what to eat for breakfast and lunch. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, so making dinners from scratch wasn’t a problem for me but I was used to cereal, toast and eggs or porridge in the morning. Its taken a while but I’ve finally found some delicious, quick and healthy breakfast dishes.

We’re constantly told to eat five fruit and veg a day but  its hard to justify spending £3 on a box of blueberries when you have a strict budget to stick to. I try my best to eat the right food but there’s times I just can’t afford to or what I want to cook doesn’t require fruit or veg, so in order to get more of my five a day I decided to make smoothies. I’m addicted to this apple pie smoothie at the moment and as it requires the two cheapest fruits you can buy (apples and bananas) it won’t set you back a lot of money.

To make the smoothie you will need.

1 apple

1 banana

1 tsp of cinnamon

4 large tbsp of  low fat natural yoghurt (if you buy supermarkets basic range you can pick this up for maximum 40p)

1/4 pint of skimmed milk

Its pretty simple to make, just chop up the fruit, chuck it all in the blender, spin and bobs your uncle. If its too thick just add a bit of milk. It tastes delicious (pretty similar to apple pie without the nasty gluten and calories) and filling. I’ve been having this a long with another breakfast favourite of mine, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, but if you are the type who doesn’t have an appetite when you wake up then it would be perfect to have on its own.

My new breakfast favourite which I’m also addicted to these days is rice cakes. I think I had rice cakes twice in my life before two weeks ago but now I’m eating them almost every day, mostly for breakfast but also for an evening snack and at lunch.

I’ve been spreading nutella or peanut butter on my rice cakes. I bough Kallo Gluten Free lightly salted ones in Asda for 80p and they last me an entire week so I suggest these become a cupboard staple for any coeliac. The lightly salted ones go really well with the sweetness of nutella and peanut butter and I usually add some fruit on top, usually a banana or if I’m feeling extravagant and have some spare cash, raspberries.

i'm wide awake its morning 2

These could also be a great savoury snack if you spread some cream cheese and top with sautéed mushrooms or cucumber. Perfect replacement for bagels.

Now all that’s left is to stick the coffee pot on and enjoy

Dom x


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