Comforting Fish Pie


Whilst I wouldn’t say the comfort food I make is high in fat I do have a tendency for massive bowls of bolognese with GF pasta, risottos and stews. It may just be my portion size that I need to cut down on but I hate the guilty feeling you have after you eat too much or something fatty. However, my fish pie is guilt free and super comforting. I always think its an inexpensive way of getting your weekly fish intake and as I usually put lots of veg on the side, most of your five a day.

It can take some time to make so I wouldn’t suggest making it after a long day at work if your desperate for a cooked dinner. Using a decent size dish though, means I usually have enough to do my boyfriend and myself two days and I can just heat it up quickly the day after.

To make this dish you will need:

300g of salmon

300g of cod

300g of smoked haddock

handful of cooked prawns

pint of skimmed milk


bay leaves

lemon zest

6 meduim sized maris piper potatoes

25g GF flour

25 g half fat butter

a large knob of half fat butter

large handful of frozen peas

2 large handfuls of grated cheddar (light cheese if you want to keep it healthy)

To serve:

corn on the cob

green veg of your choice.

salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C.

Start by peeling and boiling your potatoes for 20 minutes.

Whilst they cook, in a pan, add the fish and pour in enough milk so the fish is covered. Add a grating of nutmeg, lemon zest  and the bay leaves and lightly simmer until the fish is cooked.

Strain the fish ensuring you keep the milk as you’ll need this for the sauce (you don’t need to keep the bay leaves). Add the fish to your pie dish , along with the prawns and start making the sauce. In a pan on a low heat, slowly melt some butter adding a small amount of flour at a time and whisking constantly until the butter and flour turn in to a roux. Gradually add the milk you used for the fish, again whisking constantly until you make a sauce. Take off the heat once the right thickness has been reached and pour over the fish, along with your frozen peas.

Your potatoes should be cooked by the time you have done this. Make a lovely thick mash by adding the large knob of butter and the rest of the milk left over from the pint. Whisk until thick and creamy (alternatively you can use cream but I prefer to use skimmed milk and half fat butter to try and make this dish healthier). Once your mash is done, spread over the fish mixture. Add the grated cheese on top and some salt and pepper if desired, although this dish has so much flavour I don’t think seasoning is really necessary.

Pop in the oven for about 25 minutes or until the top is crispy and golden.

Whilst your fish pie is cooking, you can cook your chosen accompaniment. I usually go for some corn on the cob, which I just boil for a few minutes, along with green beans or asparagus. I must admit the veg I put with this dish in the picture looks a bit dry but I usually add some butter (YES I KNOW THERE’S ALREADY LOADS OF BUTTER IN THIS DISH) and hadn’t yet done so when I took the picture. The creamy sauce with the fish pie will also ensure this dish isn’t at all dry.

This is perfect for a family of four too as I usually get about four decent sized servings from my pie dish. Super tasty, healthy and warming,  this is one of my ultimate comfort foods. What comfort food do you crave?

Dom x






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