John Dory’s Gluten Free Fish and Chips

Although I prefer cooking most food from scratch and favour a healthy, balanced diet, there are times when you need to pie out. As coeliacs we’re pretty limited in the ‘junk food’ we can eat but I’m finding more places are catering to dietary requirements and I’m always keen to try a gluten free alternative.

Friends have been telling me that John Dory’s fish and chip shop have started to do gluten free batter for fish and chicken for a while now but as there isn’t a branch near where I live I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it. This evening my boyfriend and I travelled to the Ballyhackamore take away to give the gluten free batter a go.


As far as take away food goes, I had always favoured fish and chips over other food but it has been nearly two years since I got to enjoy the well loved dish. Thankfully John Dory’s don’t charge extra for gluten free batter as so many places do when they offer an alternative. However, the chippie is quite expensive. A cod supper was £6.30 which only included fish and chips. Although its been a while since I bought a fish supper, I was used to chippies including mushy peas and a drink in the price but these were extra, as was tartar sauce.

The fish itself was delicious. The batter was light, crispy and the cod was flaky and perfectly cooked (they also provided gluten free vinegar to slather it in). I was impressed with the fish and chips themselves but I just didn’t feel like it was good value for money. I can understand why the chippie has been titled ‘Fish and Chip Shop of the Year 2014’ but in my eyes £6.30 for fish and chips plus extra for sundries isn’t worth it.

However, its nice to know that anytime I get a craving there is a place I can go for a nice fish supper. A bonus for those who live in the area, the chippie also delivers in and around Ballyhackamore and East Belfast. Hopefully they’ll start delivering to other areas soon so we can all benefit from some tasty fish and chips.


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