Lunchbox Special: Shin of Beef Chilli


When I asked my friends recently what type of posts they’d like to see me do they all said lunches for people with hectic schedules. Now that we’re all old, boring and busy I thought I’d oblige and do a few posts, this being the first, that consider lunch time meals that are easy to bring to work.

Now I know slow cooked chilli doesn’t exactly scream ‘quick and easy’ but if you prep this meal on a Sunday night, you’ll have plenty to do some lunches and some dinners too, depending on your portion size and how many mouths are being fed.

The recipe below lasted five days for lunch and two dinner portions.

To make this you will need: 

Two medium sized beef shins

one tin of chopped tomatoes

one tin of pulses (I used cannellini as I had them in the cupboard)

two red chillies, finely chopped

two large onions, roughly chopped

two tbsp of tomato puree

one tsp of paprika

one tsp of mild chilli powder

one tsp of cayenne pepper

one pint of beef stock

one yellow pepper

one green pepper

To serve:

sour cream





This couldn’t be an easier dish to cook. I started by browning my beef shins and onions in a pan for about 5 miuntes. I then added these along with the chopped tomatoes, spices, the tomato puree, chopped chilli’s and beef stock.

I cooked this for two/three hours and then added the beans and peppers (cut the peppers however you like them, doesn’t really matter). I cooked for a further half hour and then left to cool. I had some the Sunday I cooked it and then took it in to work with some rice for the next five days, its a brilliant dish if you have microwave facilities but also nice cold.

I wouldn’t take a dinner sized portion for my lunch which is why the dish went so far. I brought some avocado and sour cream to work with me too which filled me up slightly more. I would really recommend using a slow cooked cut of beef to make chilli rather that mince steak. It adds such a meaty flavour and the two shins came to the same price as a medium packet of mince.

I’m trying to plan more veggie and vegan friendly dishes to cook at the minute and I’ll be out and about more doing some restaurant reviews in the coming weeks.



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