Flourless and Lactose Friendly Avocado and Chocolate Brownies

avocado brownies

I’m always excited to try my hand at some gluten free baking, specifically because I’m not a very good baker so when the bake turns out as good as this one, its pretty rewarding.I usually turn to my favourite beetroot brownie recipe but thought I might try my hand at adding a different vegetable to the mix.

I’m a sucker for avocados, I eat about one a day, for lunch or for breakfast, I think I have a problem. So what better way to continue my habit by making some gluten free, lactose friendly avocado brownies.The avocado can replace the butter that is usually included. Now I’m not claiming these brownies to be super healthy but replacing full fat butter with a healthy saturated fat, sounds good to me.

I checked out a few recipes online and most used US cup measurements. I didn’t really mind as I have cups so I didn’t have to go to the effort of  converting the measurements but for the sake of this recipe I’ve changed the measurements in to grams.

To make the brownies you will need:

2 mashed up ripe avocados

125 g of dark chocolate

2 large eggs

128 g of cocoa powder

60 g of caster sugar

1 tbsp of vanilla essence

2 tbsp of water

a pinch of salt

1tsp of Gluten Free Baking Powder

Begin by preheating your oven at 180°C. Grease and line a tray with baking paper (I used a small tray as I knew the mix wouldn’t make a lot of brownies) Some may say greasing is enough but for some reason my bakes have always stuck when I simply so this.

Begin by melting your chocolate, either in the microwave or a bain-marie. Mash up your avocado and add the eggs, vanilla essence and water, I used a hand blender here to make the mix smooth.

Sieve the cocoa powder and sugar, add this, along with salt and baking powder to the avocado mix and add the chocolate when its melted. I also added some small chucks of dark chocolate just as an added bonus. The mix isn’t as wet as previous times I’ve made brownies but don’t worry as they’ll be super fudgy.

Add to the tray and bake for around 20 minutes. The brownies won’t rise so don’t be shocked if they remain the same level as when you put them in. They may have been a lot thinner than previous bakes but these are probably the fudgiest, tastiest brownies I’ve ever had.

I left them to cool and had one with some hot chocolate, they tasted great the next day too. A lot of the recipes said they kept in the fridge for a few days after but my boyfriend tried one three days later and said they were tasting slightly off. No need to worry though, bake these brownies and they’ll be gobbled up in seconds.

Anybody have any unconventional baking recipes they’d like to share?


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